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1769 "O"

atmospheric O 2 band
O association
deep sky object
object glass
object illumination
wide-angle objective
objective cell
objective classification
objective grating
objective lens
object(ive) mirror
objective prism
objective-prism camera
objective-prism spectrum
object under observation
oblate spheroid
oblate symmetric top
precession in obliquity
obliquity of ecliptic
obliquity of the ecliptic
optical obscuration
zone of obscuration of external galaxies
obscuring clouds
dark obscuring lane
obscuring matter
observable object
observable sources
observable universe
weight of observation
observation airborne observation
observational astronomy
to process the observational data
observational details
observational error
observational evidence
observational material
observational method
observational procedures
observational program(me)
observational radio astronomy
observational results
observational selection
observational technique
observational test
observational uncertainty
observational work
observation floor
false observations
observations in right ascension
radar observations of solar system
observations with telescopes
observation time
Observatoire de Haute Provence
observatorial selection
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Observatorio Astronomico Nacional
Observatorio del Rogue de los Muchachos
Observatorio del Teide
Zelenchukskaya observatory
observatory building
observatory clock
observatory dome
Royal observatory, Edinburgh
Royal observatory, Greenwich
choosing of observatory site
observatory site selection
observatory site survey
Palomar observatory sky survey
observed altitude
observed motion
observed object
observed position
observed radiation
observed ratio
observed star
observed velocity
terrestrial observer
observer personal equation
American Association of Variable Star Observers
observer's cage
observer's cell
observer's chair
observer's horizon
observer's meridian
observer's position
observer's station
solar observing
observing chair
observing conditions
observing expedition
observing frequency
observing instruments
observing night
observing platform
observing point
coude (observing) position
prime observing position
observing program(me)
observing room
observing seat
observing site
robot observing station
observing technique
observing time
observing tour
occulting disk
visibility of occupation
occupation by the Moon
occupation curve
occupation of radio star
occupation of star
frequency of occurence
rate of occurrence
Ockham's razor
octet multiplet
Ramsden ocular
ocular prism
odd atomic term
odd-odd nucleus
odd spot cycle
state odd state
telescope, invention of
on the fringe of...
overlap of absorption lines
equinox of a catalogue
arm of a cross
quantum of action
center of activity
remnants of the supernova of A. D.
star of advancing spectral type
effect of aging
circle of altitude
resolution of a nebula
precession of angular momentum
calibration of antenna
plane of aperture
line of apsides
matter of arbitrariness
minute of arc
law of areas
first point of Aries
longitude of ascending node